Wednesday, 6 October 2010


i have a best friend.she is azilah.we studied together and we go to school together.all my friends said that azila and i like a twins.not only same name but we have a same attitude.she know about myself and i know about class we also sat together and all my activities azila n i never this is first time i separate with she.first i know zila nad i got the same university, we are so haapy.but the sad news is we not study in same course.but we are happy because we still together until we hardly to meet.i really miss about aur moment to laugh,story,and so on. inever forget she.whatever in any situation i always remember her.lately,i have misunderstanding with her.she make me disappointed.untill now i can't apologized will take a long time.although she not with me anymore now i have a lot of when i have problem they all will help me.there are hamidah,farhain,hafizah,syuhadah,ainin,inei and hazzin.i really love them.thank friend because you all always give me supports and never leave me all make me happy

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