Tuesday, 5 October 2010

my family and i.....

first of all, i would like to introduce about my family.i have a big family.i have 7 sibling.that is 4 girls and 3 boy.i have 3 sisters and 2 brother and also a younger brother.i also have 3 nephew and a niece.let me tell you about my brother.my first brother names is zaini.he is kind also fierce.now he work at the bank. next i will tell you about my sister suria.my family just call her su.i really love to her because he give a lot of support and also give a spirit to future my study.she also help me aspecially about money. i think if she not help me, i don't think so i will be here for study.third i will tell you about my beloved sister.she is norli.i really respect she because she has their own attitude.she courteous.when i have a problem i will tell my problem and she will give me some advise.the second brother is najib.i call he abang.for my first brother i call he along.abang is very fierce but he very understand me.he will give advise and teach me everything that i don't know.i really love him.now he work at the air asia as a engineer.my next sister is hayati.i call she kak yati.she very talkative.she always make my family and i happy.everything she do will make my family happy.now she work at bank as excutive.next is me.i will tell you abuot me later.finally i will tell you about my younger brother.he is azizan.just call he izan.i only have a younger brother.he also help me when i got the problem.i also give him some advise for give him a spirit to success in study.i hope that i will give back all my love to my family.without themselves, i don't know how to hadle myself.i really appriciate and thanks to God because i have a happy and caring family....for my parents i really love them more than myself.i will remember all my family advise and so on for continue my life

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